Something to GIVE! A VANSA workshop

with Dillion S Phiri

The business of creativity and culture is as important as the act and experience of the creation. Often left until the end, this is when the struggles and challenges appear. Entrepreneurial and business thinking is important to your practice, whether solo or team. This workshop dives into the best business practices that creative and cultural producers should merge into their daily practice.

The workshop is led by Dillion S Phiri. As the co-founder of Creative Nestlings, he has brought thousands of creatives across the continent and the world together, spotlighting key voices in the global conversation on the business of creativity. As the co-founding partner and a lead mentor/coach at J&B Hive, Dillion co-created the operational strategy and creative fund that support the growth of South African brands such as Tshepo the Jeanmaker, Bathu and Wolf & Co.