Bokang Gosalamang Seleho

Bokang Gosalamang Seleho is a 19-year-old creative from Kimberley, who considers herself an eccentric ambivert, athlete and a beautifully crazy person. She is a self-taught drawing artist who creates portraits as well as ‘multilingual portraits’. These ‘Poetraits’ incorporate words and illustrations to narrate stories and amplify her abstract emotions.

Laycenther Mogale Sedibe

Mogale Sedibe is a Northern Cape author and poet. He released his spoken-word album Maru in 2020 and two of his children’s literature picture storybooks have been published with Cadbury and the Puku Foundation. He is the founder of Street Philosophy Poetry and works as a theatre practitioner and art activist. He was nominated for…

Kagisho Brian Oliphant

Kagisho Brian Oliphant is a 22-year-old, sports-oriented creative, working in the film and television sectors. He offers visual arts services, from photography to videography, as well as support in cinematography. He is from Kimberley, and it is from local artists in this community that he gets his inspiration.

Leonard Matsobane Mphahlele

Leonard Matsobane Mphahlele is a music producer, vocalist, graphic designer, music video editor and fashion brander. He designs T-shirts, hoodies, caps etc as well as textiles and car branding.

Frellet Koope

Frellet, a film and television graduate from the Northern Cape, is starting out in the field. She is working with local productions to gain experience. She is learning the craft of social media and well as the business aspects of her creative side.

Richard Letlhogonolo Charity Kembo

Richard is a young artist from the Northern Cape, working in the digital space. His services encompass photography and videography, editing, directing and advertisements. His skill and creativity are developed every time he offers his products or services to clients.

Remigo Dingashe

The only child of a single parent, Remigo was raised by his grandparents in the mining town of Postmasburg, following the death of his mother. For the last year, Remigo has worked as a columnist at Horison Media. He is the author of an anthology of poems titled A Return to Africa, and has also…

Deshan Chetty

Deshan Chetty hails from Kimberley, and the aim of his business is to provide cost-effective logo design and advertisements for small businesses, using cellphone video and free editing software. Deep Earth Productions provides efficient service to fit any budget.

Nontsikelelo Bobe

Nontsikelelo Bobe is a singer and a songwriter, who began singing at the age of five. She started writing songs at the age of 13, without assistance from anyone. She had always wanted to enter competitions and talent shows, which she finally did after meeting a man at church in 2016 who guided her on…