Collen Mabaso

Collen is the gifted, spirited, and passionate director of OLLECCUTURE, who has always been interested in the written and spoken word. He is a Rhodes drama scholar and an experienced writer, creative and performer. His business is focused on copywriting (script, adverts, letters, web, print and official documents/affidavits); translations (English to Siswati, and vice versa);…

Neo Letsoalo

Neo Letsoalo, also known as the Kasi Blogger, is a storyteller whose art manifests in the form of writing and performance. With an Honorary Degree from Rhodes University, she has experience in showcasing and producing theatrical works. Neo counts seven years as a professional in this field. Neo’s love of writing, however, goes way back…

Mzwakhe Goodwill Khachela

Mzwakhe Goodwill Khachela, aka Mightylion, was born and raised in Vanstadensrus in the Free State, and currently resides in Bloemfontein. A well-established praise poet, musician, actor, director, radio broadcaster, MC, musician, and content producer for the breakfast show at CUT FM, Mzwakhe is also a philanthropist who is passionate about assisting other artists. Mzwakhe runs…

Siamkelo Kgomo

Siamkelo Kgomo is 23 years old and was born and raised in Potchefstroom. He is a photographer, videographer and event organiser. Siamkelo has his own clothing brand, Black King! Clothing, as well as a burgeoning career as a presenter.

Shikombiso Desiree Bila

Shikombiso Bila is a 30-year-old crochet artist who was born in the Nghezimani village outside of Malamulele in Limpopo. She is a Tshwane University of Technology diploma graduate in Information Technology, and the founder and owner of the brand Maxelostyle, specialising in crochet clothes and xibelani made in wool.