Pitch Den

Pitch Den You’ve got five minutes to pitch your incredible idea. Three winning pitches take R30 0000, R20 000 or R10 000 each, courtesy of Business and Arts South Africa. Sign up before lunch on 6 July for a chance to impress the panel and kickstart your dream.


SUSTAINABILITY TALK Sustainability has Creativity at Heart with Thobile Chittenden As CEO of Makers Valley Partnership, a community organisation in the east of Johannesburg, Thobile is a special interest in social and creative entrepreneurship as well as non-profit organisations. A recent TedX speaker, she is a network co-lead at the Wellbeing Economy Alliance, a global movement that advocates for alternative economies that serve people and the planet. She is a board member of City Kidz, a Joburg school, and recently participated in the Social Entrepreneurship Programme at the Gordon Institute of Business Science. Thobile talks to us about why creativity…


MOVEMENT SESSION WITH THE NEST SPACE Reinvigorate your body and mind for the home stretch. No need to bring anything to this short energy-booster.


SUSTAINABILITY WORKSHOP Ecosystems thinking: rethinking project design with Tamara SCHULZ Tamara Schulz is a generalist: she desires that all of her writing, thinking, teaching, cooking, dreaming, planting and art-making might serve to destabilise the way we think about our belonging to and within earth’s systems and more-than-human families. In this workshop, she asks what we really mean when we talk about ecosystems in creative organisations or projects. How do we refresh ideas about project outputs, growth cycles and indices for measuring success? And how do we move away from extractive, competition-based thinking towards more interdependent models?


ACCESS TALK Access from the Perspective of Global Opportunities with Michelle Rocha Michelle Rocha is the Head of Touring at Manchester International Festival (UK). She is also a board member of Quarantine, the theatre company. She was previously the Producer (music and outdoor) at West Kowloon Cultural District in Hong Kong. She was part of the programming team at the Wales Millennium Centre for the 2012 Olympics, and has worked at the Hong Kong Dance Company, Lushington/Live Nation, the Hong Kong Museum of Art and the Hong Kong International Jazz Festival. She is a Clore Fellow. If the world is…