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Xolane Marman is a young stage director and opera singer from Knysna. She is currently based in Cape Town, running her own organisation, called SA Operatunity. Xolane completed her undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Music Performance and Opera from the University of Cape Town, and further undertook postgraduate studies in education.

Under the umbrella of SA Operatunity, Xolane’s aim is to create opera performance opportunities for young and emerging opera artists around South Africa. She and her team run one stage performance and one community development project every year in the Cape Town area. They have been creating jobs for South Africa’s music sector since 2016. Their productions and projects are very different to traditional opera productions as they are more focused on promoting collaborations, utilising minimal budgets and also linking their members with international networks for further development. SA Operatunity sets productions that address current economic, politics and social affairs.

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