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Noxolo Thandeka Mlungwana is an actress, director, dance facilitator and managing director. She graduated from the Sibikwa Arts Centre, receiving her CATHSSETA accreditation in performing arts. Between 2015 and 2017, she studied performing arts at the Fuba School of Dramatic and Visual Arts and was awarded a certificate of achievement in 2016 for her excellent results in the acting and training classes at Becky Casting Studio and Training Facilities.

When Noxolo approaches new projects, it is with the attitude that any problem can be solved with hard work, solid technique, and a whole lot of imagination. She is an abundant artist and a young patriot. As a Sunbox ambassador (where she has trained as the media facilitator), she is equipped with a mobile, solar cinema kit called ‘The Sunbox’. This helps spark conversation in her community that promotes active citizenship inspired by the power of African films. Noxolo also hosts a free podcast series The Suncloud, where she selects topics and records interviews with community leaders, civil society groups, journalists and filmmakers.

She has taught extensively in her community, facilitating performing arts classes as an extra-mural activity and acting as a classroom teaching assistant in creative arts learning areas. Noxolo firmly believes she cannot place each part of her life in separate silos and still reach her full potential.

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